Shades of Grey

One of the many benefits of working with Apollo Bathrooms is the opportunity to design your dream bathroom. Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes and we understand that each of our customers will need a bathroom design that is perfect for them and their home.

It is fantastic that there is such a vast range of bathroom products available on the market, from the very traditional to the ultra modern. However this wide range of choices can make it daunting to design your own bathroom. Our advice is to start with a plan, what is your wish list of must have bathroom products? Do you need a bath and a shower? Do you need storage? Do you have a preferred shape for you toilet and sink? Is it round or square? Make a list of these must haves and then get a plan of your bathroom to see what will work in the space you have. The plan will narrow your choices making it easier to pick the products right for you and your dream bathroom.

We wanted to give you some inspiration sharing with you one of our completed bathroom makeovers.

A popular choice for our customers looking for additional storage in their bathroom is the Calypso fitted furniture. We can tailor the combination of units to fit your bathroom, you get to pick your worktop colour, door colour and style, plinth and end panels. The combinations are endless so you get something perfect for you. Through 2016 grey has been a dominant trend, it is a timeless classic.


The curve of the basin is complemented on the opposite wall with the curve of this stylish shower bath. Shower baths are a fantastic solution if you have a bath lover and shower lover sharing the same home but don’t have the space or the budget for both.

Tiles are so versatile and hard wearing, an option to consider when picking your tiles is to include a contrasting panel of tiles to give your bathroom an extra wow factor.

Mirrors can really open up the space, they are also an important feature to consider at the design stage. If you would like your bathroom to include an illuminated mirror you will need to ensure that the cable is in position before the walls are tiled.

There are a couple of different factors that you will need to consider when picking the toilet for your bathroom. The first consideration will be the position of the waste pipe. Another consideration will be the height of the pan as some toilets are available in a comfort height. Your bathroom designer/fitter will be able to give you advice on the best option for you.

If you have been inspired by this beautiful bathroom we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget we offer a free plan and design service.

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