Get inspired to design your dream bathroom with some creative chic

For most of us we put off decorating our kitchens and bathrooms. Decorating these rooms usually go beyond our skills sets. A coat of paint might do in the meantime to keep the room looking fresh, but at some point we need to invest in these rooms.

Another challenge we face when decorating our bathrooms is designing it with the future in mind. We decorate this room infrequently so we want our design choices to stand the test of time. We might not get around decorating our bathroom for another 10 years. This usually means that we play it safe picking whites and greys hoping these choices will still be on trend in the future.

We are all about designing dream bathrooms. Stop worrying about bathroom trends for 2026. Start getting creative. A bathroom redesign doesn’t have to be about playing it safe, putting function before style. There is so much choice available to you that you can have both.

Why can’t your bathroom be the room where go to pamper and indulge yourself?

The Spa Bathroom

So you need somewhere to get ready for a big night out? You need a bathroom where you have plenty of space to apply your false tan and make up for a night with the girls. Have you considered a wet room? Why do we think a wet room is perfect for your spa bathroom? Well the spa experience is all about space to indulge in those little luxuries. A wet room will give you the space you need to perform those essential big night out rituals. What are your favourite spa features and how can you include them in your dream bathroom?

The Hotel Bathroom

You want a space that is modern, stylish and sleek. Look to your favourite hotels for inspiration. What is it about the hotel bathroom that you love? Is it the sleek line of the furniture, the extra storage space perhaps? Is it the deep bath? It could be an amazing mirror and chandelier above the bath. You can have all these too in your bathroom.

The Pamper Palace

What will your pamper palace look like? At the end of a long day what do you want? A nice long soak, lots of bubbles in a deep bath tub and a glass of wine? You can have this too and more.

There are so many bathroom products available your dream bathroom really can be a reality.

Tell us more about your dream bathroom.

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