Get good vibrations with a natural vibe bathroom

There is so much choice available is bathroom design. There are so many different products available to help you create your dream bathroom. A big trend for 2016 is the natural vibe. Introducing natural materials into your bathroom design with earth tones to create a relaxing space. 

So how do you create a modern, stylish bathroom that gets you back to nature?

There are many ways to create a more natural look in your bathroom. The easiest and cheapest way to update your bathroom is to introduce some natural accessories. There is a wide selection of bathroom accessories available to suit any budget. Wicker baskets are an easy addition to a bathroom, you could add a wicker laundry hamper and some storage baskets. This is a quick update that could make a big difference. Another way to add a more natural vibe to your bathroom is to add some plants. Plants are an easy way to add a splash of green. Another way to add a natural vibe to your bathroom is with some wood or stone soap dispensers and pots.

You may be considering a full bathroom makeover. If you would like to create a bathroom with a natural vibe there is a number of ways you can do this. You could make a powerful design statement by adding a stone basin to your bathroom. Rather than a clinical white basin you could go for a natural stone or marble basin. This is an example of a marble pedestal basin. It makes a beautiful, stylish statement.


Another way to add a natural vibe is your choice of wall and floor covering. There is more choice then ever when it comes to tiles and panels and cladding that can be used for your walls. A beautiful porcelain tile in warm earthy tones will provide you with the natural look you have been seeking. Another wall covering to consider is the Nuance panels. Nuance panels come in warm wood grains and natural stone finishes. Nuance help you to create a really special look for your bathroom and is the perfect product for showers and wet room. Another reason why we love Nuance is there are no grout lines so it is easy to clean. Nuance panels can even be used around the bath itself. They are 100% waterproof and are a great product if you are replacing your existing bath with a walk in shower. This means you can keep your existing tiles and pottery and get the look you want without the expense of a full makeover.


A final way that you can create a natural vibe for your dream bathroom is by choosing a wood finish rather than going for a gloss white finish on your bathroom furniture.

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