Creating Calm in the Chaos of the Day

Our bathroom represents an escape from our busy life. It is a calming space where we can lock the door and close out the world, even if only for a few minutes. It is time away from the demands of work and family, a few moments of calm to be you. You deserve a beautiful bathroom perfect for your needs.


Compact Bathroom

Our bathrooms can have poor lighting. Lighting can either be dull making it difficult to see or glaring and harsh. Poor lighting in our bathroom means that our sanctuary isn’t as relaxing as we need it to be.

Lighting is an important consideration when designing your dream bathroom. In the first instance lighting needs to be functional. We need it to be bright so we can take care of our grooming needs. Ceiling spotlights are fantastic for illuminating your bathroom, making it bright and functional. You can get a ceiling extractor fan that includes a spotlight. This lighting option is perfect for ensuring you have the right amount of light coverage in your bathroom.  But what about lighting when we need to relax?


There is a range of lighting options to turn your everyday bathroom into a sanctuary. The first option to consider is an illuminated mirror. Illuminated mirrors can give your bathroom the right amount of ambient lighting. You may like a relaxing soak in the tub, ambient lighting will help the day melt away. Add to this some LED lights in your bath panel. LED lights are available in different colours and can create a warm glow. If you have bathroom furniture you may want to include some LED lights into the furniture plinth. This will illuminate the floor casting a warm glow upwards so you can soak your cares away. Our final option you may want to consider is a pull switch dimmer, a perfection combination of the functional and practical.


What lighting options would you consider for your bathroom? Do you prefer bold, bright lights? Are you dreaming of creating your own mini spa?

We would love to hear your thoughts on creating bathroom calm.

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